4 Reasons I Use Mailchimp

When people ask me for tips about sending emails to their audience, they usually mean what platform I use. I have used them all, but when given a choice, I use Mailchimp.

There are four main reasons for this. It occurred to me recently that they’re the exact four reasons I chose the car I drive.

My Good Old Honda

I drive one of the most common vehicles on the road: a grey Honda CRV. It’s today’s version of the maroon Dodge Caravan my mom drove during my childhood: the quintessential kid mobile.

It’s nice, but it’s undoubtedly no luxury vehicle.

To me, though, it has everything I want. It reminds me how far I’ve come from the 1988 Chevy Sprint I drove when I was 19. The Sprint burned a quart of oil a week and emitted a fog of blue smoke when I turned the key.

Some email platforms are the equivalent of this car. Inefficient and just plain ugly.

My Criteria

Here’s why I love my Honda:

  1. It has all the features I want.
  2. It easily fits my budget.
  3. It’s not unwieldy to operate. (I drove a giant news truck back in the day and HATED it.)
  4. It’s reliable.

The same can be said for Mailchimp.

Why I Use Mailchimp

  1. It has the most robust features for the cost. You can set up automations, build landing pages, and schedule send times. There are good analytic capabilities, so you can easily change your tactics based on the results of your campaigns.
  2. It’s well-priced. The free version is great when you’re just starting, and the paid versions grow with you. For less than $20/month, small businesses can get everything they need.
  3. It’s simple to learn. Even if you’ve never touched an email marketing platform, you can be proficient in just a few hours.
  4. It’s as reliable as my Honda. Especially with email deliverability becoming more complicated in recent months, I need to know my emails will hit the inbox.

Other Email Marketing Options

Every business’s needs are different. I’ve used most email platforms and have compiled a list of my favourites in a few different categories.

If you’re wondering, “but what about this other platform I’ve heard of,” all I will say is if it didn’t make the list, I don’t recommend it.

Your NeedsBest Options
Low cost, only the most important featuresSendinBlue
More features, but still cost-effectiveMailchimp
Full service Customer Relationship Manager platforms that include email marketingHubspot

I’m putting together a guide on email marketing, which will be available in the new year. What questions do you have about email marketing that you’d like an answer to? Let me know.

Picture of author, Bridget Brown