Brand-Building Brainstorm PDF Worksheet

A worksheet to help you define your personal & business brand.

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Brand-Building Brainstorm sheet

Defining your brand is vital, but it can be confusing.

Small business owners know they need a well- defined business brand. We also hear a lot about personal brand. What’s the difference? Do they need to be different? This PDF worksheet can help you figure it all out.

We think of your brand like a set of nesting dolls.

Your purpose should fit inside your personal brand, which should fit into your business brand, which should fit into your offer brand. You can learn more here.

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Create That Copy and Marketing Founder Bridget Brown

Your Brand Building Guide

Bridget Brown is the owner of Create That Copy and Marketing and the creator of the Whole Team Marketing™ method. She has 20+ years of experience as a writer and communications professional.

Bridget’s time as a TV journalist in some of Canada’s most demanding newsrooms was her boot camp for capturing audience attention in a short period on a tight budget. She got her start in communications with the Red Cross when she travelled to Houston, Texas after Hurricane Katrina to work as a communications officer. The stakes were high for getting the message out clearly and persuasively.

Bridget became a small business owner in 2015 when she founded Create That Copy & Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency for businesses with fewer than 50 employees. She is the fourth generation of her family to start a Canadian small business.

Bridget and her talented team offer marketing strategy and execution for small businesses including messaging, copywriting, web design, publicity & media, email list marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. communication, Bridget has a degree in communications, a diploma in broadcasting, a post-grad certificate in Digital Marketing, as well as a teaching certificate from Humber College in Toronto. She teaches and mentors other marketers in lead generation.

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A helpful worksheet to help you define your personal and professional brands.

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