Canada Digital Adoption Program: New Small Business Grants

Canada digital adoption program

Three Grants for Small Business Owners

The government has some little-known and new small business grants that can put money in your pocket for things like tech upgrades, digital advertising, and more. We’ve rounded up a list of grants that will could help you.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program

You may have heard about the Canada Digital Adoption Program. It was announced by the federal government last year, but came into force just before Christmas. We’re helping our clients determine if they qualify for this money. There are two grants that fall under this program.

The Boost Your Business Technology Grant

Amount: Up to $15,000

For: Digital upgrades like productivity-boosting software and cyber security.

Example: You’re a furniture manufacturing company that wants to adopt a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system.

The Boost Your Business Technology Grant is a small business grant that helps owners improve performance across the value chain by using new technology to perform key business functions like improving logistics and responding to customers. You can find a list of questions that will tell you whether you qualify here. The grant is particularly intended for businesses that were doing fine up until the pandemic and have suffered significantly since.

Grow Your Business Online Grant

Amount: Up to $2,400

For: Setting up eCommerce or expanding your online sales capacity

Example: You’re a restaurant that needs to shift from mostly dining room service to mostly delivery app service.

The Grow Your Business Online grant is a small business grant that helps owners add or expand their online sales channels. If you want to add the ability for people to pay for your offering online, or you want to optimize your existing online ordering system, this may be for you. There is a list of qualifying business sectors, and the list is quite broad.

You may qualify for the Canada Digital Adoption Program if:

-You’re a registered or incorporated for-profit business;

-You have between 1-500 employees;

-You made $30,000 revenue last year;

-You provide in-person services to consumers; and,

-You agree to maintain a digital adoption strategy for a full year run by a local provider.

You don’t qualify for the Canada Digital Adoption Program if:

-Your business is a franchise or chain;

-A multi-level marketing business;

-A brokerage; or,

-A drop shipping business.

Ready to apply? We can help.

We’re helping our clients access these small business grants and we would be happy to help our subscribers as well. To find out if you qualify, book a call and we can get started!

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