Engagement: One Easy Way to Support Small Business

support small business

There is one thing anyone can do that literally costs nothing but makes all the difference to support small business. And this same thing can help YOUR business if you only remind your contacts to do it.

Throw them a like, a comment or share their social media posts.

Support Small Business with Engagement

It’s that easy. If you like someone, or you want to support their small business, simply make it a habit to like, comment on, or share their social posts every time you see one.

Yes, I realize I spend a lot of time telling you that social media isn’t the best way to market your business. In my experience, it really isn’t.

However just because small businesses shouldn’t count on social media, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t use it at all. Most small businesses still require social media in some capacity, and we can all help each other with the simple act of liking, commenting on or sharing posts.

Why Engagement Helps Support Small Business

Liking, commenting, or saving someone’s social media posts can help support small business in a number of ways, including:

Increased visibility: When you like or comment on a post, it increases the engagement on that post and can help it show up higher in other people’s feeds. This can lead to more people seeing the post, and potentially engaging with it themselves.

Algorithmic benefits: Social media algorithms often prioritize posts with high levels of engagement, such as likes, comments, and saves. By engaging with someone’s posts, you can help them to rank higher in the algorithm and reach more people.

Social proof: When other people engage with a post, it can create a sense of social proof that the post is worth engaging with. This can encourage others to also like, comment, or save the post.

Positive feedback: Seeing that their posts are being liked, commented on, or saved can provide positive feedback for the person who posted them. This can be encouraging and motivating for them to continue creating and sharing content.

Liking, commenting, or sharing someone’s social media posts is one of the lowest effort and least expensive things that you can do to support a small business.


Engagement has become so central to social media that desire for it has spawned all kinds of wild and dangerous content to try to attract likes, shares and comments. For example, there have been many examples of pranks that have gone viral on social media, such as fake proposals, fake celebrity sightings, and fake viral challenges.

For businesses, it’s generally advisable to steer clear of extreme stunts or attention-getting tactics that could be seen as controversial. While these types of tactics may generate a lot of buzz and attention in the short term, they can also backfire and damage a business’s reputation or alienate potential customers.

Instead, if you’re looking for increased engagement, the formula that works is simply creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. If you want to direct some good karma toward that content, then like, share, or comment on any small business post you wish to support.

bridget brown, founder create that copy