Frequently Asked Questions

Why do small businesses need digital marketing?

We live in a chronically online world, so every business should have a digital presence to reach its audience and grow.

Digital marketing is also more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising. Small businesses with limited budgets can leverage digital channels to target a targeted audience without breaking the bank.

Digital marketing allows small businesses to easily target specific demographics, interests, and locations.

This targeted approach helps reach the right audience when they’re looking for information related to your market niche, increasing the likelihood of getting leads and sales.

If you’re a small business but want to reach people beyond our borders, like an E-Commerce with international shipping, digital marketing is the best way. Digital strategies allow you to reach virtually any audience worldwide, 24/7.

How is small business marketing different from marketing for bigger companies?

Small business marketing and marketing for larger companies differ in various aspects, from limitations in budget and resources to different audiences and goals that make it impossible (and pointless) to replicate a big business marketing strategy on a smaller one. 

We firmly believe in the “A small business is not a little big business” adage. Small businesses are in a league on their own and have different goals and needs, so they need a different approach to branding and marketing.

Does my small business need social media to get leads and sales?

Not necessarily. We recommend social media if:

  • You are comfortable with social media platforms on a personal level;
  • Your business niche allows you to produce catchy, valuable and easy-to-digest content constantly;
  • You don’t rely exclusively on social media to reach your audience;
  • You like it.

However, it isn’t mandatory. Many tried and true marketing strategies like email marketing and lead generation still give our clients outstanding results. If you want to test the waters in social media, these blog posts may head you in the right direction:

Why is it so important to have your branding sorted out before beginning any marketing endeavours?

Because your branding will serve as your roadmap for any marketing strategy you’d want to pursue, often, small business owners approach marketing backwards.

We consider a tactic: Instagram, paid ads, or a webinar. We decide whether we want to use that tactic by figuring out how much it would cost to implement, how much time it would take and whether we feel like doing it.

But that backwards approach doesn’t work long term because you will pick random tactics that you have no idea why it was a good choice or how to replicate it again.

Branding will help you understand where you are, where you want to be and how to get there by clearly defining your visual brand, messaging, audience and value proposition, all fundamental elements of building a marketing strategy that’s the right fit for your audience, your messaging and your goals.

What’s Whole Team Marketing?

It’s our signature small business marketing and branding method that involves your entire team and seeks to gather intel from every part of your business to craft the perfect message and strategy for your business in three steps:

  • Brand: You know why your buyer should choose you. The challenge is defining that reason in a clear, simple message that attracts and convinces your target audience. 

During the Whole Team Marketing sessions, Create That builds a guide we call the Whole Team Marketing Brand Playbook for your team. Your business will use this Playbook as a reference over and over for years to come to communicate with your audience online, in promotional materials, and in person.

  • Strategy: We help you choose the right tactics to address the main challenges small businesses face:
    • Top of Funnel Growth
    • Conversion
    • Customer Objections
    • Lack of Brand Recognition

Your strategy will be based on your strengths and what you and your team like doing. Then, we build a step-by-step marketing plan that leads you to growth.

  • Action: Once you have your brand and plan, it’s go time! If you can put this plan into place yourself, great! If not, we can take care of it all. From building or updating your website, creating an email list marketing program, using pay-per-click advertising, or securing media appearances and publicity, our talented team can meet your needs and budget.

Do all your clients begin with the Whole Team Marketing branding process?

We occasionally make exceptions, but 90% of our clients begin with WTM because they have not defined their brand, meaning they are missing key details about their brand visuals, audience, message, or proposition.

Does Create That do PPC advertising?

Yes! However, we do not embark on an advertising campaign until the client has a fully formed brand. The reason for this is that not having a defined message and audience will waste time and money because the results would be disappointing.

Do you serve clients in areas outside Calgary?

Yes, we’ve helped clients throughout Canada, the US, and the UK.

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