How can I get more sales for my small business?

If you’re wondering “How can I get more sales?” the answer is simple. To increase sales, you must increase leads.

Increasing leads for your small business is anything but simple.

Many small business owners ask questions like:

  • What should I say on social media, and what social platforms should I use?
  • What do I put on my website?
  • How do I get on the first page of Google search results?

These questions made me realize most small business marketers are working backwards. They choose the tactics first, like social media or a new website, and then they think about what they’re going to say. Putting the marketing method before the marketing message is like choosing what to wear and then checking the weather.

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Whole Team Marketing

We call our method Whole Team Marketing because we believe marketing isn’t one person’s job, it’s a mindset that permeates every aspect of your business.

The signature feature of the Whole Team Marketing method is that it involves…you guessed it…your Whole Team in the planning stages.

There are 3 reasons you need representation from every part of your team to get the most out of your marketing efforts:

  1. Every employee sees your audience from their own perspective. That means if you don’t include everyone at the beginning of the planning process, you’re missing out on a gold mine of information. Tapping into this knowledge pool makes your marketing efforts more comprehensive.
  2. Presenting a unified message increases your credibility. For example, imagine one of your team members tells a customer that your specialty is Service A. Meanwhile, another team member later tells them your main focus is Service B. The customer gets a mixed message, which diminishes your credibility.
  3. If your team members understand what you’re trying to achieve, they can help and support, and they can avoid inadvertently diluting the message you work so hard to craft.

Whole Team Marketing Has 3 Steps

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Brand messaging that sells.

Your “messaging” is the wording you’ll use over and over to describe what your business does and why it’s the best.

Writing your messaging is the single most important marketing & sales step you will ever take. These words are how you persuade customers to buy, and they aren’t effective if they aren’t consistent.

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Tactics you love using.

We assess current tactics & define a set of tactics that feel enjoyable, natural and manageable.

No longer will you stress about posting on social media, wondering if it’s worth the work. WTM uses your strengths and preferences to design your marketing plan.

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A Sales-Driven Plan.

We ruthlessly examine and dauntlessly pursue your goals, using the messaging and tactics we’ve created. Your Whole Team Marketing Plan is a timeline that tells you step-by-step what to do to bring in more customers.

Your team can execute the plan, or we can do it. It’s totally up to you.

Your Greatest Hits

When you describe what you do to a prospective customer, you want to be flawless, confident and comfortable, the way your favourite band feels when performing their greatest hits. Most bands perform their top hits again and again until they could play them in their sleep.

Think of describing what you do like singing your hit song. You need this message to have a great hook and really wow the audience, whether it’s on your website, on your social media posts, or whether you’re telling someone in person. That doesn’t just happen without preparation.

The Whole Team Marketing method uses intel we gather from every part of your business to craft the perfect message. Does it really work to keep potential buyers interested? Put it this way. You’re still reading this, right?

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Step One: Messaging

You know why your buyer should choose you. The challenge is defining that reason in clear, simple messages that attract and convince your target audience.

“Clear and simple” is the key. As Donald Miller, marketing expert and the author of Building a StoryBrand, says: “If you confuse, you’ll lose.”

Create That builds you a messaging guide we call the Whole Team Marketing Messaging Playbook. Your business will use your Playbook as a reference over and over for years to come– online, in promotional materials, and in person.

We call this message discipline. The professionalism and trust that come from this level of consistency allow your audience to spark a connection with you, choose you, and remain loyal to you.

Step Two: Tactics

Most small businesses define their brand, define their audience, and then come up with the marketing tactics they feel like they should be using. Doesn’t it always seem like there’s a new social media platform, tool, or trend that you should be on top of?

The problem is, most small business marketing consultants aren’t ruthless enough when considering whether those tactics will actually bring in more customers and more revenue.

Marketing tactics typically fall into 7 areas:

  • Assets (items like brochures, signage, webinars)
  • Email List Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Website and/or Blog
  • Events (This can also include promotional campaigns like a Google review campaign, or a cash back referral program)
  • Paid Advertising (digital & traditional)
  • Public Relations (such as press releases, or speaking appearances)

We help you choose the right tactics for your business, based on your strengths and what you and your team like doing.  We call these your Whole Team Marketing Tactics.

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Step Three: Plan

Once you have your messaging and your tactics, it’s time to make a plan.

Building your Whole Team Marketing Plan begins with establishing or evaluating your business goals. We then combine your messaging and tactics into a timeline to reach those goals.

If you have the capacity to put this plan into place yourself, great! If not, we can put it all into action. From building or updating your website, creating an email list marketing program, using pay-per-click advertising, or securing media appearances and publicity, our talented team can meet your needs and your budget.

No Wasted Effort

Some owners are hesitant to try Whole Team Marketing because they’ve already poured a ton of time and money into their small business marketing efforts.

Create That is different from any other marketing agency, in that we can incorporate any work you’ve already done, so nothing goes to waste. We work collaboratively with any staff or contractors on your team.

Using the Whole Team Marketing method is like hiring a personal trainer, but for attracting customers.

Even fitness professionals and athletes can benefit from a trainer. There’s no such thing as duplication or wasted effort because a trainer builds on the foundation you’ve created already. If you’re starting from scratch, that’s okay too.

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How much does small business marketing cost, anyway?

Ideally, nothing.

Seriously. Our clients typically generate enough leads (50% more, at least) that Whole Team Marketing pays for itself. Selling is easy when you have a steady influx of leads.

Of course, there is an upfront investment. If you’d like to explore working with us and see our rate card, please fill out our inquiry form and you’ll get our price list delivered to your inbox.

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