A purple neon sign that reads "same same, but different" Which is how we describe our marketing method.

Small Business Marketing that Works.

If you want to grow your small business, you need to reach new people looking for what you provide. There are a number of factors that influence this, like ensuring people can find you, making them like you, and providing such good service that they refer you. Cultivating leads is the basis of any marketing program.

Small businesses have unique marketing needs. We typically have limited budgets. We have lean teams, if we have a team at all. A LOT of our vital business knowledge lives in the owner’s brain.

We’re Calgary’s small business marketing specialists. We’re known for our ability to collaborate with your existing contractors and team members and get the most out of the marketing dollars you’ve already spent. We know how important it is for you to squeeze every drop of value out of every dollar you spend on your business.

We have developed Whole Team Marketing, our proprietary method proven to generate leads, get more sales and increase revenue.

Marketing Small Business

Bringing in new customers is exhausting. Social media is time consuming, and often doesn’t translate into sales. Small business owners need to be ruthless when considering whether their marketing methods have enough return on investment.

It is possible to break free from the tyranny of endless social media, and promote your business in a way that makes you irresistible to your buyers.

The Whole Team Marketing method increases sales qualified leads by 50%. It includes:

  • Two 90-minute sessions with (you guessed it) your whole team
  • A Messaging Playbook containing the exact language that your team will use over and over, everywhere you talk or write about your business
  • An actionable plan full of marketing tactics you will love using
  • The option to have us put the plan into action for you, so you can concentrate on running your business
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Whole Team Marketing Gets Results

“I had the experience of feeling “gotten.” Transformed my raw material into a valuable offering.”

Create That Copy & Marketing client Trudy Pelletier
-Trudy Pelletier, Principal, Trudy Pelletier Consulting

“Makes marketing work easy to understand and with real results!

Jeraldine Blanchard Yann Haute Patisserie
-Jeraldine Blanchard, Co-owner, Yann Haute Patisserie

Meet Bridget

Bridget Brown is the founder of Create That Copy and Marketing, and the creator of the Whole Team Marketing method. She has been a professional writer for more than 20 years. Her experience as a journalist in some of Canada’s most demanding newsrooms was her bootcamp for capturing audience attention, in a short period of time on a tight budget. She started in communications with the Red Cross in Houston during Hurricane Katrina, where the stakes were high for getting the message out clearly and persuasively.

Create That Copy and Marketing Founder Bridget Brown, marketing small business expert
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