Small business branding

Is Small Business Branding a Waste of Time?

Is Small Business Branding a Waste of Time? Often, owners approach small business marketing backwards. We consider a tactic, say Instagram, paid ads, or a webinar. We decide whether we want to use that tactic by figuring out how much it would cost to implement, how much time it would take and whether we feel like doing it. Almost every …

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small business video marketing

20 Tips for Small Business Video Marketing

20 Tips for Small Business Video Marketing Last week we talked about 3 reasons to use small business video marketing. Now I want to share 20 tips for making better small business marketing videos.  Also, one common tip you should 100% ignore. I’ll start with the most important pointer I learned in my 15 years of making television. READ THIS …

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video for small business

How to use video for small business

How to use video for small business Video. It’s not just for influencers anymore. Video for small business was a powerful, cost-effective tactic for cultivating audience interest long before small business owners started dancing on TikTok. The problem is these days, most of the advice on how to use video for small business marketing caters to people using TikTok, Instagram …

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website builders

WordPress vs. Website Builders for a Small Business Website

WordPress vs. Website Builders If you’re asking yourself what to do about your small business website, WordPress vs. website builders, here are the pros and cons. I have written before about my enduring love of WordPress. It was not love at first sight; it was one of those on-and-off relationships where you eventually realize you were meant to be together …

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recession-proof your business

Recession-Proof Your Business

Looking for a way to recession-proof your business? I have 3 recommendations. I will explain precisely how you can accomplish these 3 steps without overtaxing

email marketing

Email marketing in 2022: Dos and Don’ts

Email marketing in 2022: Dos and Don’ts One of the best ways to explain why I love email marketing is to explain why I don’t love social media. The year was 2012. It cost about half as much to buy a house and we all had “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson stuck in our heads. It was also …

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email marketing

Email marketing: new clients, no algorithm

Email Marketing: new clients, no algorithm Email marketing is how I built my business. It is my biggest money maker because I make it my clients’ biggest money maker. I think the reason it’s been so successful for me is because I have a list of Dos and Don’ts for great email marketing results. Today I’m sharing the “dos.” For …

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small business marketing

Black Friday Small Business Marketing

Black Friday Small Business Marketing Updated on November 18, 2022 It’s American Thanksgiving next week. If you think about it, it’s kind of weird how much Canadians know about American Thanksgiving. When I was a kid in the 80s, we actually did Thanksgiving crafts about pilgrims, which have absolutely nothing to do with Canadian Thanksgiving in October. Such is life …

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Neuromarketing for Small Business

Neuromarketing for Small Business I’m working on a master’s degree in neuroscience from King’s College London, one of the best brain science institutions in the world. I have no plans to slow down my business; quite the opposite, in fact. Going to grad school for neuroscience is actually all about my business. Many people may not have heard of neuromarketing, …

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lead generation marketing

Branding & Lead Generation Marketing

Branding & Lead Generation Marketing This week we’re continuing our series on lead generation marketing. Lead generation marketing is dedicated to drawing members of your target audience into your business’s ecosystem by building a relationship with them and then encouraging them to become buyers. The three steps of lead generation marketing are:  1) Go where your people are; 2) Cultivate …

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