email marketing

3 Outdated Email Marketing Practices (And What to Do Instead)

3 Outdated Email Marketing Practices (And What to Do Instead) Email marketing is almost as old as the internet but has evolved significantly over the years. However, some marketers and small businesses insist on applying strategies that used to be effective back in the 1990s when email as a marketing tool gained traction, but now are not only ineffective but …

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Barbie's marketing prowess unquestioned

Latest Marketing News

Latest Marketing News for Small Business There is a lot going on in the world of marketing right now. This week, Meta launched Threads, a potential Twitter replacement, Barbie is everywhere you look thanks to 60 years of consistent branding, and Canadians have a totally different take on researching their purchases than our American neighbours. Let’s get started! Start Threadin’ …

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how buyers make decisions

How Buyers Make Decisions 

How Buyers Make Decisions  Do you know why your customers chose you? For many small business owners, how buyers make decisions is basically a mystery. Decision-making is a complex process in the human brain that involves numerous cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and emotion regulation.  It is influenced by both conscious and subconscious factors and is not as straightforward …

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