bad review

How to Respond to a Bad Review

How to Respond to a Bad Review How Do You Respond to a Bad Review? Reviews matter. I’ve touched on why before. A study by the Spiegel Research Institute shows basically everyone (95% of customers) reads online reviews to help make purchasing decisions. Good reviews can triple the chance someone is going to buy from you. Another study suggests 84% of …

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Bridget and her dad

What is Gratitude Marketing? 

When I saw a book entitled “Gratitude Marketing” I was immediately interested, and when I saw it was aimed at financial advisors, I couldn’t believe the coincidence it had with my dad.

"4 Reasons I Use Mailchimp"

4 Reasons I Use Mailchimp

When people ask me for tips about sending emails to their audience, they usually mean what platform I use. I have used them all, but when given a choice, I use Mailchimp.