how buyers make decisions

How Buyers Make Decisions 

How Buyers Make Decisions  Do you know why your customers chose you? For many small business owners, how buyers make decisions is basically a mystery. Decision-making is a complex process in the human brain that involves numerous cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and emotion regulation.  It is influenced by both conscious and subconscious factors and is not as straightforward …

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misleading ads

Too Good to Be True: What We Can Learn From These 5 Misleading Ads

Too Good to Be True: What We Can Learn From These 5 Misleading Ads From over-the-top claims to misleading information, the advertising world isn’t a stranger to controversy. As technology and the internet have permeated our lives, and we have access to more screens, it’s virtually impossible to escape the myriad of ads brands use to fight for our attention …

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brain lego

Are AI Copywriters Worth It?

It’s no wonder many small business owners are asking themselves, “Are AI copywriters worth it?” Small business owners inevitably have to write well.


Neuromarketing for Small Business

Neuromarketing for Small Business I’m working on a master’s degree in neuroscience from King’s College London, one of the best brain science institutions in the world. I have no plans to slow down my business; quite the opposite, in fact. Going to grad school for neuroscience is actually all about my business. Many people may not have heard of neuromarketing, …

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